This project-wide module is used to maintain contacts for alert purposes. Contacts are grouped into lists, and assigned to a group of device(s) for sending notifications.

Navigate to this module using: Farmer's Hive → Alert Management

Table of Contents

1.0 Contact List

All contacts are grouped into lists, called contact list. For instance, contacts could be grouped by department, location etc. A contact list is analogous to plant group in greenhouse management or group in farm management

1.1 Add Contact List

Click on the Add Contact List button on the top right. You will see a dialog box for you to name and describe the contact list as shown below

Once you click Add, your screen should look like this:

1.2 Edit Contact List

This action button is used to edit the name or description of a list

1.3 Remove Contact List

This deletes a contact list with all contacts in it.

1.4 Contacts

This button takes you to the contact home page as described below. 

2.0 Contact

Here you can add, edit and delete contact(s) in a contact list.

2.1 Add Contact

To begin, use the Add Contact button on the top left of your screen and complete the contact information form as shown below:

Once completed, your contact information should be seen on your screen like this:

Enable/Disable Contact

A contact that are disabled will not receive any notifications. Contact's information will still be maintained on database. Use the enabled check box to achieve this.

2.1.1 Technical Contact

When a device is down, either due to power or network issues, notifications are sent to all technical contacts (in addition to other types of alerts) to a inform them of this development. Messages are also sent when the device in question is back online.

2.2 Edit Contact

This is used to edit contact information.

2.3 Remove Contact

This deletes a contact. The contact information is removed from database.

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