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The steps explained below illustrates how to register and deploy our smart devices on your farm. This can be achieved using either the web or mobile app.

  1. Create a new project
  2. Register a device
  3. Asset registration and device mapping
  4. Asset Management
  5. Greenhouse Management
  6. Food Traceability
  7. Reports

1.0 Create a new project

When you subscribe to our service, you are required to create a project. All activities in our platform will be carried out in a project. As long as your subscription is active, this is done only once. To create a project, take the following steps:

  1. From the home page, select Manage Projects from Projects menu

2. Click the Create project button and provide the project name, key and description (optional) of your choice

3. Your screen should look like this upon successful project creation

4. Use the EDIT button to change the project name and description. To delete the project, select REMOVE

2.0 Register devices

Every kit or device you purchased must be registered for connectivity with our platform. These kits are registered to the project you just created using the steps above. Steps for device registration are as shown below

  1. Either from the home page, or from MyFarm project by selecting the BROWSE button,  select Devices, then Device Management from the menu

2.  Click Add Device button, and provide desired device information in the dialog window.

3. Your screen should look like this

for more details...

You can visit this page for more information and tutorials on project, device and data management using our platform. 

3.0 Asset registration and device mapping

Finally, you need to register the farm asset you intend to monitor and assign the registered device to it. Also, assets are registered to the project you created. From the menu select the Smart Farming drop-down. If the asset is a greenhouse, select Greenhouse Management. For all other assets, select Asset Management

  1. Select asset or greenhouse management 

2. Select Add Asset button and provide asset information. Select the device to be mapped to the asset and click Save

3. Your asset should be registered as shown below

4. Click the INSIGHTS button to monitor the asset

The asset dashboard should be displayed on your screen

5. To view all jobs done by VEHICLE asset types click the View Jobs button on the Assets page. 

for more details...

You can read more information on Asset and Greenhouse management tutorial.

4.0 Reports

Automated reports for your assets can be generated by selecting Reports from the menu. For instance, the temperature report can be generated by clicking UCW Report - Temperature from the drop-down options.

Your screen should look like this:

Simply choose the desired asset from Select Asset drop-down to have report auto-generated. If the asset is a greenhouse, you will have a second drop-down option to select the plant group

You can select other reports using the shortcut links on the left sidebar.

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